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When it comes to Aruba real estate – We believe looking for your dream property should be a fun and enjoyable experience. That’s why we developed a simple, easy to use website where buyers and sellers can easily connect with one another and turn dreams into reality.

We understand searching for real estate in Aruba can be a overwhelming and frustrating experience. Having to search through multiple websites with outdated listings and old information can be extremely annoying. Every agent and agency showcase their properties on their own private websites – but never all in one place. Comparing properties can be a nightmare, plus you don’t have access to all the private home owners.

The Aruba MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is a premium real estate platform created to address these issues and more by bringing together all top agents, agencies and private home sellers into one convenient site.  Plus, by offering features like advanced search forms with custom tailored search parameters, detailed property comparison charts, geo-location search maps and more….we developed a simple easy to use site that not only shows you all the information you are looking for….but brings back the joy of searching for your dream.

We designed the Aruba MLS with one specific concept in mind – functional simplicity.

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